What is ICO ?

ICO is standing for an Initial Coin/Currency Offering. It is a type of crowdfunding/fundraising by cryptocurrencies for new projecs related to cryptocurrency.

Tokens and Currencies listed on ICO have a better chance of being successful because of their strong foundation and projects.

Tokens and Currencies that have published their WhitePapers, could take advantage over weak or scam projects.

Token Sale


Jun 15, 2021

Number of tokens for sale

1,000,000,000 NAKA (4.76%)


01 Jan, 2022

Tokens exchange rate

1 NAKA = $0.005

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

2000 NAKA

The Sales Ends in

Our Roadmap

May 2021

Token Created

June 2021

ICO Listing

Jan 2022

( 1Bn NAKA )

Feb 2022

Developing DEX

June 2022

Launching #1
DEX only for fun token

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